Spoke 5

Closed-loop, sustainable, inclusive factories and processes

Spoke 5

Closed-loop, sustainable, inclusive factories and processes

Ambition: a new concept for a factory that does not exist yet: a zero-waste, pollution-free, energy-neutral, closed-loop, natural-oriented, human-centred, socially-oriented, inclusive, fully safe, self-sufficient, self-regenerative factory. A new factory concept that will lead Made in Italy towards the Urban Factory and even to the Factory in Space!

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  • Technologies, the resources, the archetypes for designing – and executing – the Circular and Sustainable Factory of the future– based on new regenerative natural-based AM systems in which the asset lifecycle is systematically closed– to allow maximum resources reuse, and rational energy use.
  • Implement laboratories and Proof-of-Concepts for evaluating and transferring to industry the achievable solutions for the Circular and Sustainable Factory of the future.

Main activities


Modelling and identification of new manufacturing processes to be experimented with at a lab scale. This Smart Factory will be able to contribute to a multi-loop SC, where reused and recycled materials are returned to the production cycle generating new functionality and value.


Investigation of advanced solutions for the optimization of energy consumption in manufacturing and End-of-Life processes according to the logic of industrial symbiosis.


Development of production technologies, processes, industrial smart working, new competencies for high-quality and inclusive work as well as the preservation of inherited craftmanship skills.

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