Spoke 1

Digital Advanced Design: technologies, processes, and tools

Spoke 1

Digital Advanced Design: technologies, processes, and tools

Ambition: mapping and developing a portfolio of digitally enhanced solutions (technologies, methodologies, and tools) for supporting, augmenting, and verifying design process and decision making, and for integrating circularity throughout the entire life cycle of products and machines.

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  • Mapping and validating existing digitally enhanced solutions, including technologies, resources, and models for implementing circular design, development, and manufacturing processes.
  • Developing new digitally enhanced solutions that enable designers and engineers to access, use and share knowledge and resources necessary for circular design, development, and manufacturing processes.
  • Implement proof-of-concepts and digitally enhanced infrastructures to implement and manage sustainable projects and implement digital infrastructures to preserve Made in Italy heritage for cultural inclusivity.

Main activities


Development of advanced digital representation solutions (A1 and A2) based on highly realistic product rendering for a fully digitized process (design, quality control, distribution).


Development of serious-game and digital-twins based solutions for the design, development, and simulation of performances up to the use phase in A3 sector.


Development of design, control, and product lifecycle management interfaces for A1 and A2 sectors through solutions and tools that are based on multi-stakeholder sustainability data-exchange.

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