Spoke 2

Eco-Design strategies: from materials to Product Service Systems – PSS

Spoke 2

Eco-Design strategies: from materials to Product Service Systems – PSS

Ambition: develop and experiment with a portfolio of PSS eco-design strategies that support all design phases: design of PSS architecture, materials, and components; cradle-to-cradle PSS lifecycle design and impacts evaluation; service and communication design for social innovation and behavioural change.

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  • Producing a portfolio of eco-design strategies and related methodologies and tools that support all phases of PSS design, and lifecycle management.
  • Developing a cradle-to-cradle design approach based on new models of PSS impact assessment along their entire lifecycle up to their potential zero-impact dismission, recycle, reuse and/or remanufacturing.
  • Elaborating and experimenting design actions to promote social innovation and to support sustainable behavioural change.

Main activities


Development of methodologies for PSS architecture design (e.g. zero-waste and less energy consumption), and design and finishing of smart, bio-based/inspired materials and components.


Development of Metaverse environments for leaner PSS development and made-to-measure design methodologies, and of integrated systems for their manufacturing eco-efficiency.


Development of cradle-to-cradle design approaches for PSS reuse, recycle and remanufacturing, lifecycle assessment of such approaches and redesign of production processes (less energy and raw materials).

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