Spoke 3

Green and sustainable products & materials from non-critical & secondary raw sources

Spoke 3

Green and sustainable products & materials from non-critical & secondary raw sources

Ambition: To create products and materials for advancing sustainability and circularity of Made-in-Italy sectors using alternative raw sources: waste, industrial residues, and non-critical minerals.

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  • Rational, predictive design and synthesis of new products and materials for use in Made in Italy sectors, based on alternative sources: post-consumer waste and non-critical, residual feedstock.
  • Transition from Linear to Circular Made in Italy model through advanced chemical design and processing.
  • Improve societal acceptance and consciousness of CE models and technology transfer.

Main activities


Development of materials from post-consumer waste:

  • Closing the loop: products from molecular recycling of waste;
  • Treasure from waste: depolymerization of plastics and synthetic textiles;
  • Urban mining: chemical recycling of critical metals for fashion and high-tech.


Development of materials from non-critical and residual sources:

  • Future raw materials;
  • Plant-based materials;
  • Optimization of industrial symbiosis.


Development of green materials and processing:

  • Functionalization of consumer products to highly efficient, eco-friendly materials;
  • Safe and circular by design: processes, products, and materials via Green Chemistry metrics;
  • Design of sustainable value chains for Made in Italy sectors.

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